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Review #1

Mike at Vintique Estate Sales has done a great job clearing out my automotive garage. In the past two months he sold over 14 classic cars for me and my customers. I own a garage in Georgetown and I had some old cars that were sitting here. I didn’t know what they were worth to “online buyers” so Mike came by, took lots of photos and posted them online. Most were sold by that same weekend! Mike loves dealing with cars and it shows. Here is a list of some of the cars he has sold for me: 1934 Cadillac LaSalle, 1961 Austin Healey, 1953 Cadillac Coupe, 1939 Plymouth pickup, 1982 Datsun 280Z, 1974 Triumph, 1948 Anglia, 1990 Alfa Romeo, 1985 Jaguar XJS to name a few! Mike is a really transparent guy and is really nice to get to know. We have become good acquaintances over these past few months!

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